Posted Monday, May 16th, 2016


Click it 3Law enforcement officers from the Morris County Park Police will join with police from through Morris County and across the state and nation in cracking down on unbuckled motorists and passengers as part of the national “Click it or Ticket” campaign starting next Monday.

Beginning May 23 and running through June 5, the annual “Click It or Ticket” national mobilization utilizes high visibility seat belt checkpoints and saturation patrols, in combination with local and national publicity efforts, to reiterate the life-saving value of seat belts.

Motorists driving through Morris County’s vast park network will not be immune from the campaign, and are reminded to use seat belts.


Doug Cabana

“The intent is not to cause inconvenience for Morris County drivers but to make sure they taking this simple step to protect themselves and their passengers,’’ said Morris County Freeholder Doug Cabana, who is the county governing board’s liaison on public safety issues. “We still see too many people, especially children or older people in back seats, who are needlessly killed or injured because they don’t use seat belts.’’

“Using a seat belt is the simplest way for a driver and his or her passengers to protect themselves when traveling,” said Gary Poedubicky, Acting Director of the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety.  “In 2013, 21,000 people in the U.S. were killed in traffic crashes, and almost half of them were unrestrained.”

A focus of this year’s campaign is to promote seat belt usage by adults in the rear seats of vehicles. The front seat belt usage rate in New Jersey currently stands at 91.36 percent. However, adults riding in rear seats are only buckling up at a rate of 39 percent in New Jersey.

Click it

“This is a concern,” said Poedubicky. “We need to drive home the message that all motor vehicle occupants need to buckle up during every trip, in every seating position.”

During the 2015 “Click it or Ticket” campaign, 372 New Jersey police agencies participated in the two-week initiative. As a result of the effort, law enforcement officers issued 26,308 seat belt citations, 4,969 speeding summonses and made 833 impaired driving arrests.

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