Posted Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

New Jersey Association of Counties Executive Director John Donnadio and President John King will meet with the Morris County Board of Freeholders at their Wednesday morning, 9:30 a.m., work session at the County Administration and Records Building in Morristown to discuss a series of issues affecting county governments, with potential negative impacts on county taxpayers.


Donnadio and King, who is a Hunterdon County freeholder, will travel to Morristown at the invitation of the Morris County Freeholder Board, which is an active member of NJAC and regularly consults with the organization on issues of common concern.

Potential issues on the Wednesday agenda include

  • Criminal Justice Reform, which was approved by voters in a ballot question last year, and the heavy financial burden it may place on county governments and taxpayers;
  • Code Blue Program legislation that would require county emergency management coordinators to establish a code blue program to shelter at-risk individuals during severe weather events;
  • State Psychiatric Patient Billing Practices: Under state law, persons suffering from mental illness and who present an immediate danger may be involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility. Such patients often qualify for charity care and the State and counties share treatment costs.
  • Health Benefits Coverage: There is a pending bill to limit a public employee from receiving health care benefits coverage from only one public employer of the state or local government, if the employee holds more than one public position simultaneously.
  • Snapshot of the State’s 2017 Budget NJAC is currently analyzing the $34.8 billion spending plan and its potential impact on counties and taxpayers.
Doug Cabana

Doug Cabana

“Since Morris County has been chosen as a pilot county for criminal justice reform, there are many major and immediate budget issues we are facing, including adding personnel for the Sheriff and Prosecutor, and creating more space for the courts, all of which may be very costly,’’ said Freeholder Doug Cabana, the board’s liaison to NJAC.

“NJAC is on the front line on issues of concern to Morris County and its residents, so we are glad to be able to directly communicate with our NJAC team  and get a first-hand briefing,’’ added Freeholder Director Kathy DeFillippo.

NJAC is an advocate for legislation, regulations, and policy directives that empower county governments to operate more effectively and efficiently. As a non-partisan organization, NJAC advances innovative programs and initiatives that can enhance the level of service provided by county government and save taxpayer dollars.

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