Posted Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority has begun its spring 2016 program of home deliveries of SCREENED COMPOST and DOUBLE-GROUND WOOD MULCH available from mid-April through the end of September.

These deliveries are available only to Morris County residents.

CompostMulchDelivery The 2016 cost for delivery of screened compost from the MUA is $135 for a half–truck load (or about 5 cubic yards) and $200 for a full truck load (about 10 cubic yards). The price for wood mulch is $130 for a half-truck load and $190 for a full truck load.

To place an order, call: 973-285-8389 or 973-285-8383. Delivery dates will be confirmed via telephone. You will receive a confirmation number, with a request for a daytime or cell phone number in case MUA drivers need directions or must reschedule.

Morris County limits deliveries to your driveway. The driver also must stay on paved surfaces when delivering.

The MUA owns and operates two vegetative compost facilities, in Mount Olive and Parsippany, where locally generated waste, including leaves, grass, and brush, is delivered and recycled into compost and mulch sold by the MUA.

Using wood mulch can reduce weeds, save water, moderate soil temperatures, and make an attractive groundcover throughout the home landscape.

The MUA’s Solid Waste Division implements recycling and solid and hazardous waste programs throughout Morris County. Visit to learn more about composting and other MUA programs.