Posted Monday, February 8th, 2016

During the past week, the Morris County Sheriff’s Office conducted a Child Support Warrant Sweep throughout Morris County in conjunction with a statewide crackdown orchestrated by the Sheriff’s Association of New Jersey.sheriff

In Morris County, 69 people were arrested, including three females, and $38,300 in back child support was collected to benefit children living in  the county. More arrests are expected in coming weeks to combat this problem for our children.

Eight of the 69 people targeted were lodged in the county jail.

“This type of operation is a priority of the Sheriff’s Warrant Squad detectives as failure to pay child support hurts the children of our communities,” said Undersheriff William Schievella.

The Warrants Unit is part of the Sheriff’s Bureau of Law Enforcement’s Legal Services Division. That division is responsible for the service and enforcement of legal documents. This includes everything from summonses and  complaints to writs and subpoenas.

Officers also apprehend individuals who have outstanding criminal, non-support, violation of probation and other warrants issued by Superior Court, as well as warrants received from other law enforcement agencies.

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