Posted Monday, November 16th, 2015

Gov. Chris Christie joined Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote, plus a host of political dignitaries, for a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the new Honeywell global corporate headquarters in Morris Plains.


Also attending the event were Morris Plains Mayor Frank Druetzler, state Sen. Anthony Bucco, Assemblyman Anthony Bucco Jr., Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce, Morris County Freeholder Director Kathy DeFillippo and Freeholder-elect Christine Myers, plus members of the Morris Plains Borough Council.

The Governor spoke of the importance of keeping Honeywell in New Jersey. He said he learned just three weeks into his first term that Honeywell, which had been headquartered in Morris Township for decades, might be leaving the state.

He said it took a bi-partisan effort to make needed legislative changes to accommodate Honeywell’s needs, and he also credited Morris Plains Mayor Druetzler with aggressively pursuing Honeywell to convince the international company to relocate to his town.

Gov. Christie also noted this was a somewhat personal issue for him because he is a resident of Morris County and wanted to ensure that the business, jobs and tax ratables remained in his home county. Following are a portion of his comments:

Governor Christie: “As I travel around the country, people are shocked at times when I talk about the uphill battle we have to bring pro-growth policies to our state and what we’ve been able to accomplish.

“Today is another one of those moments where we show when we emphasize that business is not just about what Honeywell’s stock price is today. It’s not just about its new products and its new innovations that it’s bringing to improve the lives of people, not only here in the United States but around the world, but it’s about you. It’s about the people who are sitting in this auditorium today and your families and the people that you represent.

“We don’t want you to leave, and I suspect for most of you you didn’t want to go either, and so for us this is about the human cost of inaction, because there is a human cost to that. When people see companies move, they may be looking at just purely in dollars and cents and what it may mean for taxes plus or minus, and all those things are important, but there also is a human cost to people who have set roots in a community, who have their children going to schools, who have friends and family in the area.

“This is more than just about dollars and cents. This is a decision that Honeywell made to reinforce their families here in New Jersey and is a decision I made to help to reinforce the families and the citizens of our state, and so the investment that we’re making is not only smart for New Jersey’s future, and Honeywell’s investment is not only smart for Honeywell’s future, but it is a right and good decision for the families of Honeywell’s employees and the folks who depend upon Honeywell.

To view a video of the Governor’s comments, visit: Office of the Governor | Newsroom//