Posted Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

The New Jersey Department of Transportation today announced that construction projects on roads and bridges will be suspended in Morris County and statewide over the Labor Day weekend to help minimize congestion and help traffic flow as smoothly as possible.

All construction on state highways will be suspended from 6 a.m. Friday, September 4, until noon Tuesday, September 8.

NJ DOT Suspends Road Construction Projects Over Labor Day Weekend

State DOT Commissioner Jamie Fox also is urging motorists to make it a safe holiday weekend by observing speed limits and other rules of the road, and by ensuring that every vehicle occupant uses a seat belt.


Real-Time Traffic Information for Labor Day Weekend Travelers:

DOT offers motorists real-time travel information in multiple formats to help them make informed decisions, save time and fuel costs, and avoid congestion.  Motorists can get the latest traffic information by calling 511 to reach DOT’s interactive telephone line, by going to, or subscribing to any of 18 highway-specific Twitter accounts through 511nj.

These new Twitter accounts provide real-time traffic updates for major highways in New Jersey and can help followers adjust travel plans based on current traffic conditions. The 511nj Twitter accounts are one-way automated information feeds from New Jersey’s 511 service and are not consistently monitored by NJDOT or its partner agencies.

Motorists are encouraged to check for real-time traffic information before leaving and to follow us on Twitter @NJDOT_info for NJDOT news.

NJ DOT Suspends Road Construction Projects Over Labor Day Weekend

NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway motorists can obtain real-time information and video images of traffic on those roads at 

In addition, motorists may download SafeTripNJ, a free smartphone app that provides hands-free, eyes-free traffic information. Launch the hands-free app before you put your car in drive.
The app uses the phone’s internal GPS to locate your position and direction of travel. SafeTripNJ will sense when you are approaching a reported roadway condition and will start talking with streaming audio, telling you about active advisories that are ahead.

Safety Service Patrol for Labor Day Weekend

DOT’s Safety Service Patrol (SSP), which patrols 225 miles of interstate and state highways throughout New Jersey, also will be working through the holiday weekend to help keep traffic flowing smoothly.
The SSP assists motorists whose vehicles have become disabled as a result of a crash, a mechanical failure or other cause, and provide safety for emergency responders.

SSP is a year-round service that provides assistance such as changing a flat tire, pushing a disabled vehicle off to the shoulder, pulling a vehicle trapped in mud or snow back onto the road, providing a small amount of gasoline and making minor repairs. The service is provided free of charge.