Posted Monday, October 27th, 2014

Morris County and Madison officials are working together to implement safety measures, including a reduced speed limit, along Central Avenue in the borough.

Results from updated traffic and engineering studies conducted by the Morris County Engineering and Transportation Division and Madison Police supported reducing the speed limit from 35 mph to 30 mph on Central Avenue.

“The freeholders heard the concerns about speeding motorists from parents and other Madison residents who feared for the safety of pedestrians, especially children,” said Tom Mastrangelo, freeholder director. “We then reviewed updated traffic studies, and we agreed that a speed limit reduction was warranted.”

According to Mastrangelo, the freeholders are scheduled to formally adopt a resolution at their Nov. 12 public meeting in Morristown that will lower the 35 mph speed limit to 30 mph.

The county has also agreed to narrow the roadway with pavement markings between Brittin Street and Ridgedale Avenue; improve pedestrian and bicycle/share the road signage; and install additional signs reflecting usage of the travel way by persons in wheelchairs.

Morris County engineers have also suggested to Madison that the borough take some steps to improve safety in the area, including installing sidewalks between Fairview Avenue and Ridgedale Avenue along one or both sides of Central Avenue.

It has also been suggested by the county that Madison enact parking restrictions on approaches to crosswalks to increase sight distance for both motorists and pedestrians; review the design and installation of the traffic signals at Fairview and Central Avenues; and increase enforcement to help lower vehicle speeds.