Posted Friday, April 18th, 2014

Morris County’s aggressive program to fill the potholes left behind on county-maintained roads by the harsh winter is getting a boost with the arrival of three new asphalt Hot Boxes.
The Morris County Freeholders added $75,000 to the 2014 capital budget for the purchase of the three Hot Boxes, which cost $25,000 each.

“I am hard pressed to think of anything motorists dislike more than that potholes,” said Freeholder Director and motorist Tom Mastrangelo. “We are concentrating our efforts on reducing the precarious driving conditions these potholes can cause.”

Morris Pothole Repair Campaign Gets Boost
County Crew on Mt. Lakes Blvd.

A Hot Box keeps the asphalt used to fill a pothole heated at the proper temperature. The heated material ensures a better, stronger, longer-lasting pothole repair.

Without such equipment, the asphalt used to make a repair is loaded onto the rear of a pickup truck and loses heat as repairs are being made. This usually results in a weak patch that will wash away following a heavy rain, necessitating crews having to return and refill the pothole.

“Using a Hot Box is certainly a more efficient way of getting the job done,” said Freeholder David Scapicchio, freeholder liaison to the Department of Planning and Public Works.

The county’s Roads, Bridges and Shade Tree Division has six crews out in force along the 300 miles of county roadways, locating and filling potholes.

Anyone who comes across a pothole on a county road can report it via e-mail to [email protected] or by calling the county garage in Hanover Township at 973-285-6763.

A list of county maintained roads can be found online at