Posted Friday, April 4th, 2014

Aggressive Pothole Repair Campaign Underway In Morris CountyMorris County has undertaken an aggressive program to fill the potholes left behind on county-maintained roads by Old Man Winter.

The county’s Roads, Bridges and Shade Tree Division has six crews out in force along the 300 miles of county roadways, locating and filling potholes.

To assist the workers and to reduce the hazardous driving conditions potholes create for motorists, the Morris County Freeholders added $75,000 to the 2014 capital budget for the purchase of three Hot Boxes to add to the three others now in use, two of which were purchased by the county in 2013.

A Hot Box keeps the asphalt used to fill a pothole heated at the right temperature to ensure a better, longer-lasting repair. Without such equipment, a pothole is filled with asphalt from the rear of a pickup truck, with the material losing heat as it is transported.

The county advises residents who encounter a pothole on a county road to report it via e-mail to [email protected] or to call the county garage in Hanover Township at 973-285-6763.

The county’s pothole repair campaign is part of the freeholder board’s 2014 capital budget, which contains $775,900 more this year to repave county roads than it did last year.

The freeholders increased county spending for road repaving from the 2013 level of $1.4 million to $2.2 million. Another $3.9 million will be coming from the state and $1.16 million will come from the federal government.

While the freeholders continue an overall reduction of capital projects from previous spending levels to reduce the county’s debt, they continue to invest in infrastructure maintenance and improvements.