Posted Friday, November 15th, 2013

ReCommunity Recycling, which operates a single-stream recycling facility in Mine Hill where a significant amount of recyclable material generated in Morris County is processed, has released a guided video journey through a Materials Recycling Facility.

“With school budgets facing growing shortfalls, field trips to recycling facilities are becoming more challenging to arrange,” said Bob Anderson of ReCommunity.  That’s why Andersonsaid the company is focusing its strategy on creating leading-edge educational tools that are free and available online to help promote recycling education in communities throughout the area.

He likens the entertaining tour guide on the video to “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

“Education is crucial to increasing the quantity and quality of recycled materials, which benefits our communities economically and environmentally,” said Penny Jones, recycling education specialist for the Morris County MUA.  “Because the MCMUA and ReCommunity have a public-private partnership, we are delighted that ReCommunity is expanding its educational outreach. The more we know, the more we benefit.”

Jones said information about recycling in Morris County can be found on the MUA website,