Posted Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

The Morris County Board of Freeholders has gone on record in support of Roxbury’s efforts to have the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection quickly resolve the problem of foul-smelling odors coming from a landfill in the township.
The freeholders adopted a resolution at their Oct. 23 public meeting calling on the DEP to “continue to expedite remediation of this matter.”

The odors are originating from the Fenimore Landfill, which closed more than 30 years ago but which was purchased by a private firm last year with the intention of capping it and creating a solar farm.

However, hydrogen sulfide and possibly other noxious gases have been emanating from the landfill, which has since been taken over by the state through an executive order.

Roxbury officials and residents have met with the DEP in an effort to resolve the situation, but they say the gas emissions have persisted.

The resolution adopted by the freeholders notes gas emissions from the landfill have recently “spiked dramatically higher.”

The freeholder resolution urging the state to continue its remediation efforts has been sent to Morris County’s state legislative delegation, as well as to the commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection and to the mayor and council in Roxbury.