Posted Friday, April 12th, 2013

The Morris County Freeholders on April 10 hosted 19 students from high schools across the county during the board’s annual Student Government Day.

The juniors and seniors met with and had the opportunity to question the county administrator and assistant administrator, the six county government department directors and Freeholder Hank Lyon, all of whom explained their responsibilities to the students as well as the importance of county government.

Freeholders Host High School Students
Freeholder Hank Lyon

The Student Government Day program is conducted for high school students each year to make them more aware of county government, the role it plays in their lives and the many programs and services it offers.

The students who participated in the interactive Student Government Day program were selected by their high schools, and had all expressed an interest in politics, government or current events.

Students who attended were Allie Piacenti, Natasha Sidhu, Jack Hilsinger and Brittany Serafin of Mendham High School; Frank Chapparo and Nimit Jindal of Morris Hills High School; Grace Campbell, Rachel Poling, Sophie Kurlandski, Jackie Reingold, Hennie Cabuhay and Leely Rezvani of Morristown High School; Peter Hernandez and Akosua Opokua-Achompong from the Morris County School of Technology; and Maria Brouard and Katrina Elertowski of Dover High School.