Posted Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

The Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders has proclaimed September to be Hunger Awareness Month in Morris County and is asking residents to help restock the shelves of area food pantries.
Hunger Awareness Month
September 2012

Whereas, the United States enjoys the highest standard of living and the finest quality of life in the world, yet millions of Americans do not have enough to eat, and

Whereas, food banks and pantries support close to 600,000 New Jersey residents, and

Whereas, a study by the Food Research and Action Center estimates that more than 300,000 children in New Jersey go to bed hungry every night, and

Whereas, although annual food drives during the winter holidays help to replenish the shelves of many food banks, supplies are critically short or completely depleted by summer, and food pantries in Morris County continue to face growing food shortages similar to those in other areas of the country, and

Whereas, recent economic conditions have caused the Interfaith Food Pantry and nearly every other food pantry in Morris County to see an increase of more than 25 percent in the number of families it serves since 2008, and

Whereas, because hunger never takes a vacation, Morris County Municipal Action to Curb Hunger, or McMatch, is being launched in September to help restock the shelves of food banks and pantries during the summer and fall;

Now Therefore, I, William J. Chegwidden, Director of the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders, proclaim September 2012 to be Hunger Awareness Month in Morris County and urge county residents to support McMatch by dropping off food donations at their town hall to benefit the food pantry of the town’s choosing.

William J. Chegwidden