Posted Thursday, April 26th, 2012

The Morris County Freeholders have declared today, April 26, as Denim Day in Morris County.

Denim Day is part of an international campaign to raise awareness and educate the public about the intolerable violent crime of sexual assault.

The campaign originated as a result of an Italian Supreme Court decision in 1999 that overturned a rape conviction because the victim wore jeans.  The court reasoned that because the jeans were “tight,” the victim must have helped her attacker remove them, and that demonstrated consent.

The wearing of jeans has since become an international symbol of protest against erroneous and destructive attitudes about sexual assault that place the blame on the victim and ignore the fact that coercion, threats and violence accompany sexual assault.

The freeholders issued the Denim Day proclamation to call attention to, and to help dispel the myths that still surround sexual assault. The proclamation also recognizes the diligence of the many dedicated individuals, groups and agencies in Morris County “who are working tirelessly to support sexual assault victims and their families and to prevent sexual violence.”