Posted Monday, November 21st, 2011

The Morris County Department of Human Services is seeking applications from child care centers in the county willing to assist low income families by participating in a dedicated voucher program.

Participation means the child care center agrees to accept the state’s maximum reimbursement rate for the child care services it provides to eligible families without charging any fees above that rate.

Shelia Carter, Morris County Human Services Coordinator, said the dedicated voucher program is “center focused,” and is a move toward unifying the eligibility process across the state.

The vouchers are assigned to community child care centers to pay for child care services for families that meet New Jersey’s eligibility requirements, Carter said.
She said child care centers are responsible for recruiting families to utilize their dedicated vouchers.

“As long as they remain used by an eligible family, the dedicated vouchers remain at the child care center, and the center can count on the state’s maximum reimbursement rate of payment,” Carter said. “When a voucher is unused, the child care center has 60 days to utilize that voucher with a child from another eligible family.”

If the child center is unable to fill the unused dedicated voucher within the 60 day time period, the center loses the voucher, which will then be reallocated by the county and assigned to another eligible child care facility, Carter said.

For a child care center to be eligible to apply, it must be located in Morris County, and it may be a for-profit, a not-for-profit or a public entity.

A child care center that is interested in applying will find the Request for Application issued by the county’s Department of Human Services online at

The RFAs will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 9. The RFAs will be reviewed by the county’s Human Services Advisory Council, which will create a roster of child care centers that have been approved to participate in the dedicated voucher program, Carter said.

Carter said anyone with questions about the dedicated voucher program or the RFA may contact her at 973-285-6581 or at [email protected]