Posted Thursday, October 13th, 2011

The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority has opened a new, single-stream recycling facility in Mine Hill.

Operated by ReCommunity, a North Carolina-based company, the new plant uses the latest in Material Recovery Facility technology to allow communities to make the switch to single-stream recycling that mixes all bottles, cans and paper together for placement in the same recycling bin.

Once the materials arrive at the 58,199 square-foot plant, they are sorted into their various commodities, baled and sold to other companies that convert the materials into new products. Selling the processed material generates revenue for the county, said Glenn Schweizer, executive director of the Morris County MUA.

“The county is a leader in the state in recycling a major portion of its waste stream,” Schweizer said. “ReCommunity turns that stream into dollars, helping to make our recycling program self-funded and revenue-generating. We keep more material out of landfills, we enjoy a cleaner environment and we profit from the sale of materials.”

The plant on Iron Mountain Road had been operated by ReCommunity as a commingled recycling facility since it was built in 1995, until it was upgraded to a single-stream operation this summer.

“We’ve enjoyed a long and beneficial 15-year relationship with ReCommunity,” Schweizer said. “Their expansion is a valued investment in our community.”

Schweizer hopes the convenience of single-stream recycling for residents will result in an increase in the amount of recyclables collected in Molrris County.