Posted Friday, September 30th, 2011

Affordable Housing Month
October 2011

Whereas, one of the most important factors someone’s quality of life is a decent and affordable home, and

Whereas, affordable housing is needed in Morris County for families in transition, for people with special needs, for young people, for senior citizens, and for those working in Morris County who can not afford to live here, and

Whereas, the Housing Alliance of Morris County is a consortium of public, private and non-profit agencies and individuals committed to providing a
broad spectrum of housing opportunities in Morris County, and

Whereas, the Housing Alliance members, including Capital One Bank, Community Hope, Homeless Solutions, Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey, the Housing Partnership for Morris County, Interfaith Food Pantry, Madison Affordable Housing Corporation, Morris County Affordable Housing Corporation, Morris County Division of Community Development, Morris Habitat for Humanity, NewBridge Services, New Jersey Natural Gas, Professional Appraisal Associates, Somerset Hills Bank, The Rose House, TD Bank, Town of Morristown Office of Sustainability and the United Way of Northern New Jersey;

Now Therefore, I, William J. Chegwidden, Director of the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders, proclaim October 2011 to be “Affordable Housing Month” in Morris County, and urge all citizens to become part of the solution in resolving the question, “Where will we live?”

William J. Chegwidden, Director