Posted Thursday, March 18th, 2010

The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority reminds county residents that putting corrugated cardboard into the garbage is illegal in Morris County.

All businesses, institutions and residents are required to keep corrugated cardboard separate from garbage in order to recycle it.

“Inspectors at our two garbage transfer stations are seeing a significant increase in the amount of corrugated cardboard being delivered there in garbage trucks,” said Christine Vidal, assistant recycling specialist with the MCMUA. “They have also noticed corrugated cardboard boxes being used as receptacles for materials from office or warehouse cleanups.”

According to Vidal, unopened corrugated cardboard boxes containing damaged or unwanted products have also been discovered.

“Using corrugated cardboard boxes as garbage containers is unacceptable and illegal,” Vidal said. “A better idea would be to use trash bags.”

By recycling their corrugated cardboard and other mandated materials, businesses and institutions will decrease their waste tonnage, reduce disposal fees at the garbage transfer stations and avoid receiving notices of violation and fines from the Department of Environmental Protection, the Morris County Health Management Office and their own municipality, Vidal said.

In addition to corrugated cardboard, Vidal said businesses, institutions and residents in the county are required to recycle plastic bottles coded 1 and 2; aluminum and steel (tin) cans; glass bottles and jars; paper including office paper, construction paper, junk mail, advertisement flyers, circulars, catalogues, envelopes, books, newspapers and magazines; lead-acid batteries; hazardous dry cell batteries; metal appliances; whole tires; leaves, grass, brush and natural wood waste; and used motor oil.

Additional information may be found on the MCMUA Web site, .