Monday, March 1st, 2010

Morris County’s Interim Draft Wastewater Management Plan is now available on the county’s Department of Planning and Development Web site, .

The plan, which was submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection on Dec. 31, 2009, is a guide to the county’s future development. It will be used to determine the amount of future growth that wastewater systems can accommodate.

The plan consists of a cover sheet, a completed application form, chapters for each of the 39 municipalities and information about sewage treatment plants.

Each municipal narrative includes a description of the municipality and its infrastructure, an existing zoning build-out analysis, a capacity analysis of each sewage treatment facility, a septic capacity analysis, build-out/capacity analyses and three maps.

For the Highlands Planning Area Conforming municipalities, the Highlands Council will be working with them to create their chapters and maps.

Once completed, these chapters will be included in the Draft Wastewater Management Plan.

The draft plan is subject to amendments and revision. Updated documents will be posted in the county’s library. Scribd can be easily accessed from the county government Web site, or directly at .