Monday, February 1st, 2010

The Morris County Board of Elections would like to enhance the communication methods between it and the county’s poll workers.

That’s why the board is asking citizens who are among the county’s Poll Worker Group to send in their e-mail addresses, if they have one.

According to the Election Board, having the e-mail addresses would enable it to instantly communicate instructions or changes in procedure to the poll workers, thus increasing efficiency at the polling place on election day.

“Since most elections are months apart, workers are at the polls only three or four days a year,” said Tony Desimone, the county’s poll worker training coordinator. “If we had their e-mail addresses, we could get information to them in a timely manner before an election and perhaps refresh their memories regarding the process that needs to be followed at the polling place. E-mailing the information would also reduce our postage costs.”

In addition, the poll workers would be able to communicate with the Board of Elections with the same ease, sharing their thoughts and concerns and offering suggestions on possible polling place efficiencies, Desimone said.

Desimone said poll workers may e-mail their own e-mail addresses to him at [email protected] . He said the e-mail addresses will remain secure and will not be sold or otherwise distributed.

The Board of Elections is also working on creating an entry point on the county government Web site for poll workers to have access to election information, instruction materials and educational videos covering poll worker responsibilities on election day.