Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

The 4-H program in Morris County is adding three new clubs to its list.

Morris County 4-H currently has 21 clubs with approximately 500 members, and is now adding new horse, woodworking and poultry clubs. Each of the new clubs plans to meet once a month.

Morris 4-H also has two Cloverbud clubs for children in grades K-3 that allow them to explore the variety of activities that 4-H has to offer before choosing a specific 4-H club to join.

Laura Graham, the leader of the new horse club said having a horse is not necessary to join. She said the club will be cover basic horse care, model horses, and hippology, or the educational study of horses.

The woodworking club will be run by leader, Rich Everett, who said members will learn the fundamentals of woodworking, project planning and the basic use of tools on an age appropriate basis.

Roseanne Oblen, the leader of the new 4-H Poultry Club said children will learning about chickens, ducks and all of the many farm animals on her farm in Budd Lake.

All of the clubs will be working with youth in grades 4-13, with the Poultry Club allowing those in grades 1-3 to participate as well.

Additional information about the new clubs and about Morris County 4-H may be obtained by calling the Morris County 4-H office at 973- 285-8300 ext. 3.