Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Unusually wet weather in June and July is making it more difficult for the Morris County Mosquito Commission to control the pests.

“Despite our best efforts to control the mosquito population, we are sure to see a modest increase in adult activity due to the amount of rainfall we’ve received,” said Kristian McMorland, commission superintendent.

McMorland said Morris County is working with the New Jersey Office of Mosquito Control Coordination in conducting aerial spraying to control the mosquito larvae along area rivers after the heavy rains fell the end of July and the beginning of August.

“The main target areas are the flood plains along the Passaic and Whippany rivers, the Morristown Airport area and parts of the Rockaway River flood plain,” McMorland said.

McMorland is again asking for the public’s assistance to control and reduce the mosquito population in the county and minimize the threat of the diseases they carry by eliminating standing water around the outside of a house.

“Mosquitoes need water for breeding,” McMorland said. “If we get rid of the water that has accumulated in plastic containers, ceramic pots, kiddie swimming pools or similar water-holding containers, we go a long way toward eliminating those breeding places.”

More information about the Morris County Mosquito Commission may be obtained on its Web site, www.morrismosquito.org, or by calling the commission at (973) 285-6450.

The Web site is updated on a regular basis with the latest news about the commission’s activities in the fight against mosquitoes, including information about spray operations, times and specific spray locations and neighborhoods.