Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

The Lackawanna Cut-off rail project is among the Morris County transit projects approved by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority.

The NJTPA Board of Trustees has adopted Plan 2035, the long-range transportation plan for 13 counties in northern and central New Jersey, and its annual Transportation Improvement Program, both of which are required for the region to receive federal transportation funding.

Plan 2035 provides a vision for 25 years of transportation investments and policies, while the TIP list contains projects scheduled to receive funds for final design, right-of-way acquisition and construction over the next four years. The projects in the TIP also make up the “near-term” element of Plan 2035.

Besides the first phase of the Lackawanna Cutoff rail project from Andover in Sussex County to Port Morris in Morris County, other Morris County projects include the replacement of the Berkshire Valley Road Bridge over the Rockaway River in Jefferson and improvements at the interchange of Routes 10 and 53 in Parsippany and Morris Plains.

“There are many important local and regional transportation projects in this program,” said Morris County Freeholder Director Gene F. Feyl, second vice chairman of the NJTPA Board. “We are going to make old bridges safer and make congested interchanges work better, improving safety and mobility for thousands who work and live in the county.”

For the overall region, the TIP includes more than $2.7 billion in transportation funding for the 2010 fiscal year and more than $10.1 billion from 2010 to 2013, with the majority of funds going to repair and maintenance of the existing system.

Complete listings of projects and studies for Morris County and the rest of the NJTPA region contained in Plan 2035 and the TIP are available at the NJTPA’s website, www.njtpa.org.