Friday, May 1st, 2009

Are you planning to move, or are you simply doing some spring cleaning?

The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority reminds you that before you start throwing out your unwanted items, certain materials are required by law to be recycled and not placed in the trash.

Those items are cardboard boxes; plastic bottles coded 1 & 2; glass bottles and jars; aluminum and steel (tin) cans; newspapers; copy paper; junk mail; organic materials; used motor oil; hazardous dry cell batteries; lead-acid batteries; metal appliances; whole tires; and oil-contaminated soil.

The MUA notes that towns and the county are now able to fine waste generators who do not recycle.

Tips on getting rid of your cast-offs, information about mandated recyclable materials, the schedule for your town’s curbside recycling program and decals for recycling and trash bins are available by contacting your local municipal recycling coordinator or by visit your municipal Web site.

For more helpful hints and to learn about disposing of household hazardous waste such as computers; cleaning products; pesticides; oil-based paints; auto fluids; gas; chemicals; propane cylinders; fluorescent bulbs; and mercury-containing devices; contact the MUA at 973-829-8006 or visit the Web site at

The MUA also suggests anyone with new or gently used items such as furniture; appliances and building materials consider donating them to the Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Mine Hill. The ReStore may be reached at 973-366-3357 or at

So go ahead and clean out that clutter, but in your rush to remove, remember to recycle.