Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

The North Jersey Planning Authority has authorized a study that will help improve the efficiency of freight movement and guide smart growth in Morris County.

The Morris County Freight Infrastructure & Land Use Analysis is one of 11 county and city studies slated for funding in the NJTPA’s work program for the fiscal year 2010-2011.

The NJTPA said Morris County’s interstate highways and freight rail network play a vital role in the region’s economy. Companies in the county employ over 86,000 workers in manufacturing, wholesale and retail trades that rely on efficient goods movement. The study seeks to identify future opportunities for freight-related development and infrastructure improvements, with a particular emphasis on facilitating connections between trucks and trains.

“This study will help our county make decisions that ensure goods are moved in a safer, more reliable way in the years to come,” said Morris County Freeholder Director Gene F. Feyl. “A thriving freight industry means a stronger economy and a better quality of life for residents.”

Feyl represents Morris County on the NJTPA Board and serves as NJTPA Second Vice-Chairman.

The study is projected to cost $300,000, which will be paid for through $240,000 in federal funds provided by a NJTPA grant and $60,000 from a local match. Funding will start July 1.

The NJTPA is the metropolitan planning organization for 13 northern New Jersey counties including Morris.