Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority has distributed $404,318 among 18 Morris County municipalities for their recycling efforts in 2008.

The funds represent payment for the 17,708 tons of recyclable materials the towns sent to the MCMUA Recycling Consolidation Center in Dover, combined with other materials marketed through recycling agreements with the MCMUA in 2008.

“This is, by far, the largest amount of recycling rebates provided to the municipalities in the history of the MCMUA,” said Jack Schrier, freeholder liaison to the MCMUA. “It proves that recycling does pay in more ways than one. It not only offers environmental benefits, but economic benefits as well.”

The largest amount, $59,376.84, went to Mount Olive for 2,512 tons of recyclable materials. Denville received $53,149.25 for 2,390 tons of recyclable materials, while Hanover got $45,920.91 for nearly 2,040 tons of recyclable materials.

“Since the rebates were paid to municipalities in 2009, we hope it will help municipal budgets,” Schrier said.

According to Kathleen Hourihan, district recycling coordinator, market conditions remained very strong during the first three quarters of 2008. Unfortunately, the fourth quarter of 2008 experienced a crash which reflects the current state of the global economy, Hourihan said.

“The price we received for commingled bottles and cans increased significantly as did paper prices in the first three-quarters,” Hourihan said. “However, the last quarter was very different. Considering the current economic climate, we do not expect the rebate for 2009 tonnage to be anywhere near this amount.”

The other communities that received payment are Boonton, which received $24,848; Boonton Township, which received $12,385; Chatham Township, which received $29,057; Chester Borough, which received $5,161; East Hanover, which received $28,107; Florham Park, which received $26,198; Mendham Borough, which received $18,388; Mendham Township, which received $23,063; Morris Plains, which received $19,591; Mt. Arlington*, which received $2,719; Netcong, which received $9,526; Rockaway Borough, which received $16,947; Roxbury*, which received $11,118; Washington Township*, which received $4,391; and Wharton, which received $14,372.

*For these municipalities, the totals shown here represent a portion of the total recyclables collected in those municipalities.