Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

The Morris County Freeholders have unanimously elected Gene F. Feyl and William J. Chegwidden to serve as director and deputy director respectively of the board in 2009.
The action occurred during the freeholder board’s Stated Annual Meeting on Jan. 5.
The meeting also featured incumbent freeholder Margaret Nordstrom being sworn in for her fourth three-year term and former Freeholder Joan Bramhall taking the oath of office to begin her third five-year term as Morris County Clerk.
Feyl, the 2008 deputy director, is in his third year on the freeholder board.
He thanked his colleagues for their confidence and pledged to continue what he called the tradition of “quality county government.”
Feyl said Morris County is prepared to face the financial challenges that lie ahead. He said the freeholders have already realigned or modified programs where necessary to ensure the most efficient use of county tax dollars.
“We are committed to reducing costs and limiting spending without harming those who need our assistance the most,” Feyl said.
He noted a hiring freeze instituted by the freeholders in 2008 will remain in place.
“The county workforce will be smaller by more than 70 positions through retirements and attrition, and through 2009 no vacancies will be filled unless proven critical to the health and public safety of our residents,” Feyl said. “hrough planning and prudent use of our resources we intend to avoid layoffs.”
The former Denville mayor said his goal is to have a 2009 county budget that reflects little or no increase in spending.
Feyl said engineering work on the second phase of Central Park of Morris County, the former Greystone property purchased by the county, will move forward in 2009, as will a countywide renewable energy proposal for towns and school districts put forth in late 2008 by the Morris County Improvement Authority.
Freeholder Chegwidden, the board’ new deputy director, is also in his third year on the board.
Nordstrom, of Washington Township, joined the freeholder board in September 1999. She is a three time freeholder director, having served in that capacity in 2006, 2007and 2008.