Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

The Morris County Freeholders have put the governor and state legislature on notice that they “unequivocally” oppose any attempt by the state to auction excess property at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital for private use.

The freeholders, in a resolution sent to Gov. Jon Corzine and legislative leaders, said state law requires any surplus land transferred from Greystone be designated as parkland, open space, historic or farmland preservation, for municipal or county use, or for state Department of Human Services programs of administrative purposes.

However, the freeholders said there appears to be a movement by the state to recommend the public auction of 130 acres of newly declared surplus property at Greystone for private use.

The board contends such action allowing for private development would be a clear violation of existing law, and would have a negative impact on the support services of neighboring municipalities.

The freeholders also said private development of the property would be inconsistent with the continued provision of psychiatric and social services at Greystone itself, and the newly created Central Park of Morris County recreation and social services complex.