Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

The Morris County Department of Planning, Development and Technology GIS Division has released its latest version of the Morris County Public Resource Interactive Mapping Application, a free, web-based interactive mapping application.

A number of enhancements have been made to the application’s previous release, MCPRIMA 2.1.

With the addition of an interactive legend in 3.0 Beta, users have the ability to turn on/off individual map layers and search on those layers’ attributes, above and beyond tax parcel information.

Allowing increased access to data has led to improved data mining tools, new reports and forms, more multimedia including pictures, videos and documents, integrated help documentation and advanced data flagging capabilities.

MCPRIMA will make additional layers of data available in the coming weeks.

The objective of MCPRIMA is to create a platform independent interactive mapping application for the county that will provide powerful and secure tool sets for public and private consumption.

Special attention to a cross-platform, reusable component design ensures that as the county infrastructure changes over time, the application will not become obsolete.

The application may be accessed through

For more information contact the GIS Division at [email protected] or call 973.829.8120.