Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Morris County is planning to host a visioning workshop this fall as part of a region-wide effort to develop a long-range transportation plan for northern New Jersey.

The workshop will be one of a series held in each county in the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority region.

The NJTPA, which is the metropolitan planning organization for 13 counties in New Jersey, conducts long-range transportation planning, authorizes all federal transportation spending in the region and prioritizes project funding.

“We face many transportation challenges today and will face many more in the years to come,” said Morris County Freeholder Gene F. Feyl, who represents the county on the NJTPA Board of Trustees and serves as board secretary. “This workshop will give us an opportunity to steer Morris County – and the larger region beyond our borders – on a sensible and sustainable course to the future.”

Workshop participants will consider potential future transportation scenarios and look at how investment, policy, global forces and land use decisions can shape the future of travel in Morris County and the rest of the region.

The result of the workshops and other public involvement will be Plan 2035, an updated Regional Transportation Plan, as required by Congress. All transportation projects in the region that receive federal funding must be included in the plan.

The NJTPA kicked off this public discussion in June with a well-attended symposium of national and state transportation experts, who discussed the long-range impact of many current trends, including rising energy prices, a rapidly globalizing economy, changing demographics and other regional, national and international factors.

Details on the Plan 2035 workshop in Morris County, including the date, time and location, will be released later this summer.

More information on the development of the Regional Transportation Plan, including audio files of symposium speakers, can be found at