Thursday, May 15th, 2008

The Morris County Freeholders have criticized NJ Transit for cutting the number of stops its trains make at rail stations in the county.

The freeholders complained that the weekday stops were eliminated with no input from officials or from the Morris County Division of Transportation Management.

According to the division, NJ Transit has implemented weekday reductions of 75 eastbound stops and 84 westbound stops on the Morristown Line in the county.

Mt. Tabor’s rail station took the biggest hit, with a 40 percent reduction in eastbound stops and a 39 percent reduction in westbound stops.

The freeholders were especially critical of those cuts, saying Mt. Tabor residents who would easily walk to the station to take the train would now have to drive to Dover or Morris Plains.

The freeholders questioned whether parking lots at those stations would be able to accommodate the increase in vehicles.

The freeholders were also critical of NJ Transit for cutting stops when more people are considering using mass transportation because of rising gasoline prices.