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Freeholder Receive “Independent Report” on Morris View Healthcare Center

The Morris County Board of Freeholders has received an update report, including a detailed fiscal analysis, on the county’s Morris View Healthcare Center that finds taxpayer subsidies to continue to manage the facility will rise substantially over the next several years as revenues decline or stay flat and operating expenses increase.

Read the current report, press release, and Q&A.

Year 2017 Funding Now Available for Morris County Service Providers

Year 2017 funding is now available for:

  • Grant-In-Aid (GIA) Senior Support (formerly Peer Grouping)
  • Grant-In-Aid (GIA)
  • Child Abuse Prevention (CAP)
  • Older Americans Act
  • Social Services for the Homeless (SSH)
  • State/Community Partnership – Juvenile Justice Funding
  • Chapter 51 – Alcohol/Drug Treatment and Prevention (Funding priorities for this application not available until June 20)

Learn more about Year 2017 funding.

2016 Housing and Urban Development Funding Application – New and Renewal Projects

The Morris County Continuum of Care, a local planning committee charged with the responsibility of reducing the incidence of homelessness in Morris County, has begun the process for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 2016 Continuum of Care Application.

In preparation for submission of the CoC application for HUD funding, the Morris County Continuum of Care Executive Committee is now accepting Notices of Intent from all agencies interested in applying for funding to support both NEW and RENEWAL projects through the Morris County Continuum of Care process.

The original deadline for Notice of Intent New Projects has been extended.  Both New and Renewal Project applications must be submitted by 4:30 p.m., June 17, 2016. Get more information.

NJ Connect for Recovery Call Line

The NJ Connect for Recovery Call Line was established by the Mental Health Association of NJ to support two distinct groups across the state of New Jersey: those concerned with their own opiate use; and, those who are experiencing distress related to the opiate use of a friend or family member. Call 855-652-3737 or

Apply Online for Temporary Assistance

The Morris County Office of Temporary Assistance would like to encourage clients to apply online for assistance programs. The Office of Temporary Assistance is experiencing longer wait times than in the past and this online application can be completed at home or anywhere (Library) that internet access exists.

Whether you apply online or in person your application will be processed in approximately 30 days. Applying online will avoid a client waiting to be seen at the Office of Temporary Assistance.